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A Snake is a Snake!

For several weeks I did a series on snakes. The following is a synopsis from that series.

Have you ever had a snake in your life? No, I don’t mean a 4 foot copper head. I mean a person in your life that you thought had your back and come to find out, they didn’t. A person you trusted. A person you thought would be your friend for life. A person that seemed spiritual. In the end, you were disappointed, hurt, frustrated and maybe even contemplated giving up on God. If that’s you, then you need this!

There are 3 types of snakes: non-venomous, venomous, and constrictors. Let’s look at each.

Non-Venomous Snakes

This type of snake will bite you but they have no poison to deliver. However, their bite can still kill you by becoming infected and yes, it does still hurt!

There are people in your life that are just like this. They bite you by talking about you or doing an injustice to you and it HURTS! But holding on to the hurt can cause an infection. Proverbs says “a wounded spirit who can bare”. The cure for a non-venomous snake bite is forgiveness. I didn’t say they could be your bff again or even a friend, but forgive them and move on! Some people are in your life for a season, for a reason and only a few for a lifetime. So forgive and move on because it’s just a confirmation that God has more for you.

Venomous Snakes

These snakes strike to kill. Their bite delivers enough poison to take you out unless you get immediate help. There are people in your life EXACTLY like this. You thought they had your back, you thought they loved you, you thought you could trust them and BAM, they betrayed you. Their bite was intense, it hurt to the point that you felt like you were dying. But a bite has to be taken care of immediately. So find someone that can help you, medicate you with the Word and bring peace. Know this that the healing balm of Gilead has come to make you whole again.  That THING came to kill you but God come to raise you up and cause you to run. Begin to praise God that HE revealed their character, their plan, their deceit and that HE is covering you. Then get that person out of your life, warn others that they are a snake and move on to the things of God.

Constrictor Snakes

These snakes don’t kill with their bite. These snakes grab you with their bite and then pull you towards them and wrap themselves around you and begin to squeeze you to death. There are people in your life that are trying to squeeze the life of God out of you. They are squeezing your money, your time, your wisdom, you joy… get the picture. The problem is, most of us don’t see it until we are almost dead. God is trying to open our eyes that we can see if people are adding to us or taking away from us. If you will pray and ask Him, He will show you who and how to get them out of your life.

Snake Facts that Parallel Spiritual/Demonic Facts:

  1. Snakes like cold, dark places…..spiritual snakes hide out in the dark

  2. Snakes are cold blooded…..spiritual snakes can hurt you and walk away with no remorse.

  3. Snakes lie and wait for the kill……spiritual snakes are waiting to take and not to give.

  4. Snakes strike fast……spiritual snakes wait but when ready to strike, they strike fast.

  5. Snakes don’t have ears….spiritual snakes can’t hear the Word of God.

  6. Snakes swim in water but can’t live in water…. spiritual snakes are attracted to the Word but can’t live in the Word.

Gen 3: 1-a snake is subtile. The word subtile means: Sly in design; cunning; insinuating; Cunningly devised; crafty; treacherous;

A key is recognizing if it’s a snake or a friend. Eve thought the serpent was a friend, when all along he was a snake, a serpent, an enemy.

So today, begin to evaluate the people in your life. Are they adding to you or are they taking away from you? What is their character? Do they appear one was in pubic but another way in private? How do they handle situations when no one is looking? Can this person go where God is taking me? Are they a help or are they a hindrance?

I believe as you begin to ask yourself these questions, God will help you to rid yourself of the snakes in your life and begin to build a solid foundation on the Word of God. Then the next time a snake bites you, you will have a quick recovery!!!

They’re Not Mine!

To Pastors:

I hear MANY Pastors say “they are MY sheep”, “people need to leave MY sheep alone”, “don’t mess with MY sheep”. I always find this humorous because in actuality, they are God’s sheep! So what’s the problem? Why do we think we OWN sheep? Why do we get this grandiose idea that they are ours and ours forever? Well, here’s what happens. God will send individuals to our church who believe in the vision, get connected to us personally, believe in the work of the ministry, and jump right in and start doing the things of God. For years they will serve, they will tithe and they will go above and beyond. As pastors we grow to feel comfortable with them, maybe even take them for granted. We just assume that they are going to be there because they’ve become “family”.

One day we begin to see that they have become agitated or not as committed or they slack off on the things of God. When we as pastors see these behaviors we go into overdrive. We bend, we jump through hoops and begin to entertain them in hopes that they will not leave. However, despite our attempts to retain them they ultimately depart. They may pull out for a different reason but they still leave. Wherever they go and to whomever they connect to, it’s easy to play the blame game. “That pastor took them”, “those people pursued them”, “they are sheep robbers”…on and on. I encourage you pastor, if it’s in their heart to leave, LET THEM LEAVE. If they are not sold out to the vision and what God is doing, you are better off without them. Ultimately, for them not to leave would cause discord, dissension and division.

So in closing, understand that there are people who are with you for a season, some for a reason and others for a lifetime. Seasons can be short or long, reasons can be right or wrong, but very few people can handle the lifetime. Preparing your heart, guarding your heart and keeping love in your heart will promote peace and joy instead of turmoil and frustration.

Pastor Sharon